is a non-profit program initiated by Shaptashikha Health, Education and Environmental Foundation (SHEEF). The purpose of the project is to make a bridge between the interested voluntary blood donors and the patient in need of blood. There will be a web-based data of voluntary blood donors. These voluntary blood donors would be enlisted through different blood donor collection campaigns in different colleges, universities and institutions. The blood seekers would make call to in need of blood, they can also make request through mailing. The authority will verify (minimum) the need and will request the available donors to donate in their nearest locality. Most importantly is working for fresh blood transfusion, which is some times vital for some major operation like open-heart surgery. More (




There are basically four types of panel to run the blood movement efficiently. The committees are:

  • Advisory Panel
  • Management Panel
  • General Panel
  • Blood Donor Panel
  • Donor Panel
  • Voluntary Panel