Bangladesh has a narrow opportunity to act decisively to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among vulnerable groups. HIV and AIDS cases remain low in Bangladesh, but it's increase in some risk groups. So, Shaptashikha Health, Education and Environmental Foundation (SHEEF) come up with an innovative idea; that is Leadership Campaign with an objective to Create HIV and AIDS awareness. And draw the Red Ribbon Logo by RUN over the Map of Bangladesh.


Objective: To draw the Red Ribbon Loge over the Map of Bangladesh through leadership campaign with a goal to create HIV And AIDS awareness. And also raise the voice to establish the theme “To take the Lead, Stop AIDS and Keep the Promise ”.

Parts of the Programme: Shaptashikha Health, Education and Environmental Foundation (SHEEF) was the initiator of this programme, Leaded by United Nation Information Center (UNIC) and UNAIDS. And also SHEEF was the main organizer of this programme with the support of United Nations Youth and Student Association of Bangladesh(UNYSAB). This programme was approved by National AIDS and STD Programme (NASP). Others support organizations were Kernebd Corporation(IT support), CARE (Training Support) and Face of Bangladesh.

Key features : Creation of “Nikkon” The sound of Red Ribbon Run 2007 to add value that fulfills the image of Red Ribbon.

Key output: Drown Red Ribbon Logo over the Map of Bangladesh and Development of youth Community Leaders to move forward.

Key Specialty: Red Ribbon Logo drown over the map of Bangladesh for the first time in the world.

Media partner of the programme was Channel [i] and Radio Today.